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Balancer and tire changer 380

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885ITA - Tire changer 220 v 380 v
CB67-220- Tire Balancer
AL320 - Right arm help LC885 and  885ITA
LC885A - Tire changer 220 v 380 v

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LOTE 2018-L5-380

This pack contains

885ITA - Tire changer 220 v 380 v
CB67-220- Tire Balancer
AL320 - Right arm help LC885 and  885ITA

LC885A - Tire changer 220 v 380 v

The LC885A is a tire changer, designed to mount and dismantle touring wheels, van and motorcycle.


  • The mounting head is made of steel with a special composition that offers the customer a lifetime warranty.
    • The foot control device has the step-by-step function that can stop the clamp in any position to hold the rim properly.
    • The machine includes the plate protection system and the mounting head to avoid damaging the rim.
    • The 41mm diameter hexagonal plate and 55mm horizontal arm is suitable for low profile tires.
    • The machine incorporates a bead breaker with a capacity of up to 2,500 kg.
    • It is possible to incorporate a support arm (PL320).
    • The nail is made of a special, durable and durable material.
    • Includes a switch with a 40 A interleaved fuse to protect the electrical system of the machine.
    • Auxiliary inflation system with external tank, with CE approval.
    • Semi-automatic tire changer, the back and forward tilt of the column and the column lock can be completed pneumatically.



110 V/ 220 V/ 380 V


0.75/1.1 Kw

Outer claw

10-20 "

Inner claw

12-23 "

Maximum tire diameter

1.120 mm.

Rotation speed of the turntable

6.5 rpm

Width of wheel

3-12 "

Work pressure

8-10 bar

Noise level

≤ 70 db(A)


246 Kg

CB956B-220 - Tire Balancer

It's a new product balancer with independent intellectual property rights completely.

This model of balancer can achieve to input the tire parameter DIS&DIM automatically and include kinds of ALU modes, more precise smart ALU mode, OPT function, unbalance weight hide function.

Allowing users to intuitively edit the most suitable operation habit setting according to the requirement, can greatly improve the work efficiency. Protective cover control function, the definition of the system of units, the minimum amount of unbalance choice, etc

The 40mm thread rod as standard is universal for balancer standard accessories. The junction surface to main shaft and the locking thread adopt the fine grinding after ultrasonic quenching treatment, which is rigid, wearable and artistic.

The unique design motorcycle balance mode can balance various motorcycle tires combining kinds of motor adaptors.

The function to mark the weight position with the patent technic, can positioning exactly the weight position outside and inside of the tire.

Multiple customer mode can store the frequently-used tire parameters and balance mode, including the balance condition, unit system and other habit setting, all can save in time and use quickly, providing you the convenience as far as possible for your rapid tire service.

The automatic measurement scale has two step lengths in order to measure 10"-30" tires without using other accessory.

Equip the pedal brake to make sure it's more precise when put the weight on the tire.

The balancer has four groups of humanized intelligent storage mode, which can save the tire specification and balance mode into the machine according to the customer requirement to make sure that the customer can use the data directly lifting efficiency when balance the tire.


Rim diameter 10 to 26 "/ 26-30"
Max. Wheel 70 Kg
Diameter max. Wheel 1000 mm
Rim width 1.5-20 "
Rotational speed of 200 rpm
Balancing Accuracy ± 1 g
Engine power 0.25 kW
Dimensions 1060 × 710 × 1180

LOTE 2018-L5-380
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