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Balancer and tire changer right arm help 220

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LC810-220 - Basic Desmontadora car
CB66-220 - Tire balancer
PL230 - Right arm help LC810
LC810-220 - Basic Desmontadora car
The LC…

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LOTE 2018-L2-220

This pack contains

LC810-220 - Basic Desmontadora car
CB910GB-220 - Wheel Balancer Basic Simple
PL230 - Right arm help LC810

LC810-220 - Basic Desmontadora car

The LC810 is a tire changer, designed to mount and dismantle touring wheels, van and motorcycle.

Adaptadores para llantas de moto puestos en la fotos NO incluídos en el precio Ref: 10/C-M-0100000 195 € + IVA


  • The mounting head is made of steel with a special composition that offers the customer a lifetime warranty.
  • The pedal control device has the step-by-step function that can stop the clamp in any position to hold the rim conveniently.
  • The machine incorporates a bead breaker with a capacity of up to 2,500 kg.
  • The machine includes the protection system for the plate and the mounting head to avoid damaging the rim.
  • The nail is made of a special material, resistant and durable.
  • It includes a switch with a 40 A interleaved fuse to protect the electrical system of the machine.


110 V/ 220 V/ 380 V


0.75/1.1 Kw

Outer claw

10-18 "

Inner claw

12-21 "

Maximum tire diameter

960 mm

Rotation speed of the turntable

6.5 rpm

Width of wheel

3-12 "

Work pressure

8-10 bar

Noise level

≤ 70 db(A)


180 Kg

CB910GB-220 - Wheel Balancer Basic Simple

Balancing wheels thanks to Italian engineering software.

Automatic measurement system and Dissidia and Distance inputs, with 5 ALU modes and 2 intelligent ALU modes. With wheel optimization mode and split wheel and function (Hidden weight).

Standard axle 36 mm that can work with standardized balancing accessories, international thread. Main shaft flange and threaded shaft threads that have been processed through the supersonic cooling treatment. It is durable and resistant.

Motorcycle balance adapter kit. Optional, is available. With the balance mode of the motorcycle.

Easy-to-operate calibration, which can restore machine accuracy quickly.

With standard USB port. It is convenient to update the latest software.

Display Type: LED.

With a pedal design, when fastened or glued to weight with more precision.

With power save mode, the machine enters standby mode automatically if the machine is not in use after 5 minutes.


Diameter of edge 10-24 "

Weight max. 65 kg wheel

Max. Wheel diameter 1,100 mm

Edge Width 1.5-20 "

Rotation speed 200 rpm

Balancing Accuracy ± 1g

Motor power 0,25 kW

Weight 110 kg

PL230 - Right arm help LC810

The PL230 is a tool that dramatically reduces the effort required to Tire low alloy wheels and high performance profile.

It is designed and manufactured to be installed in our tire changer for wheels referecnia: LC810.

Help changing low profile and Run Flat Tyres.

LOTE 2018-L2-220

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