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Balancer and tire changer 220

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885ITA - Tire changer 220 v 380 v
CB67-220- Tire Balancer
AL320 -Right Arm Help LC885 And 885ITA

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LOTE 2018-L5-220

This pack contains

885ITA - Tire changer 220 v 380 v
CB67-220- Tire Balancer
AL320 - Right arm help LC885 and  885ITA

LC885A - Tire changer 220 v 380 v

The LC885A is a tire changer, designed to mount and dismantle touring wheels, van and motorcycle.


  • The mounting head is made of steel with a special composition that offers the customer a lifetime warranty.
    • The foot control device has the step-by-step function that can stop the clamp in any position to hold the rim properly.
    • The machine includes the plate protection system and the mounting head to avoid damaging the rim.
    • The 41mm diameter hexagonal plate and 55mm horizontal arm is suitable for low profile tires.
    • The machine incorporates a bead breaker with a capacity of up to 2,500 kg.
    • It is possible to incorporate a support arm (PL320).
    • The nail is made of a special, durable and durable material.
    • Includes a switch with a 40 A interleaved fuse to protect the electrical system of the machine.
    • Auxiliary inflation system with external tank, with CE approval.
    • Semi-automatic tire changer, the back and forward tilt of the column and the column lock can be completed pneumatically.



110 V/ 220 V/ 380 V


0.75/1.1 Kw

Outer claw

10-20 "

Inner claw

12-23 "

Maximum tire diameter

1.120 mm.

Rotation speed of the turntable

6.5 rpm

Width of wheel

3-12 "

Work pressure

8-10 bar

Noise level

≤ 70 db(A)


246 Kg

CB67-220 - Tire Balancer

The CB67 is a tire balancer, recommended for an advanced professional.


• Includes all property rights.
• Italian technology, LED display with a clear and simple environment that facilitates the use to the user.
• Electrical system with automatic energy saving mode.
• It incorporates the automatic mode of operation, to improve the efficiency in the work.
       O We get the tire parameter automatically.
       O Complete balance mode.
       O Intelligent ALU mode.
       The OPT Mode.
• Central axis of 40 mm diameter in which we can use all the accessories of the balancing wheel inside and outside.
• Includes USB port.
• Automatic unbalance zone location system.
• Laser technology that enables the most accurate and efficient measurements.


Feeding 110 V/ 220 V/ 380 V
Maximum tire weight 70 Kg.
Maximum tire diameter 1.100 mm.
Wheel width 1.5” – 20”
Rotation speed 140 rpm.
Balanced Accuracy ±1g.
Motor power 90 W
Balancing cycle 7 s.
Max. Tire diameter < 28”

LOTE 2018-L5-220
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